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Providing professional dance instruction in Sensual Bachata in the Chicago suburbs and beyond.

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Enhance your dancing skills through private lessons in Sensual Bachata, Ballet, or Salsa, which are tailored to your specific needs. For individuals or couples. Available online and in-person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need dance experience? You do not need previous experience to attend our classes unless otherwise noted in the event description. We tailor our classes to the level of attendees, though we expect dancers of all levels to leave our classes feeling challenged and excited to continue advancing in their dance journey!

Do I need a partner? You do not need a partner to attend our classes. Most participants attend solo and we have everyone rotate partners throughout class, so it can be a great way to meet new people who share the same interest in dancing as you! If you do attend with a partner and do not want to rotate, please let us know at the beginning of class.

What is a Lead and Follow? Which ticket should I buy? In partner dancing, the Lead is responsible for initiating and communicating movements and patterns, while the Follow is responsible for responding to the signals of the lead and continuing the movement accordingly. Leads are typically males, while Follows are typically females.

What should I wear? In terms of attire you can wear any type of clothing you feel comfortable moving in (for example, athleisure wear is very common, though some people wear jeans and a t-shirt). In terms of shoes we recommend those that allow you to easily twist/slide, whether that is a clean pair of sneakers, flats, or dance specific shoes/heels (no stilettos).

What is Sensual Bachata? How is it different from other styles of Bachata? Bachata (which means “party”) is a Latin style of music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic in the mid 1900s. Traditional / Dominican Bachata is still danced today and has a large focus on footwork. Modern Bachata / Bachata Moderna is a fusion style that developed in the early 2000s and includes more upper body movement and Salsa-like turn patterns. Sensual Bachata / Bachata Sensual developed in Spain in the early 2000s and involves many of the same aspects of Traditional and Modern styles, with the addition of body rolls, waves, isolations, and a strong focus on connection in partnerwork.

What will I learn in class? Class always begins with a warm-up for overall body movement including isolations, a breakdown of the Bachata basic step, and a warm-up song focused on footwork. We then move on to learning a short combination focused on footwork danced without partners, known as a “shine” or “pasitos”. Next we move into learning a combination of steps with a partner. Class always ends with a demonstration of both combinations with counts and music that attendees are welcome to film and use as a reference to practice what they have learned. All classes focus on technique and musicality, with the goal of preparing you to use what you have learned in a social dance setting.

Should I sign up for Group Classes or Private Lessons? Both Group and Private classes are appropriate for dancers of all levels. Group classes are a great opportunity to meet and dance with new people while learning combinations of movements together, while Private lessons allow you to focus on your individual needs as a dancer. Private lessons are perfect for beginners who want to develop a solid base for their dancing at their own pace, as well as more advanced dancers looking to supplement their group class schedule and seek out more individualized corrections to level-up their dancing skills.

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Carolyn McGuire, Founder of CRM Dance, Provider of Sensual Bachata Classes in Chicago Suburbs

Carolyn McGuire

Carolyn was born in Texas and raised in Eastern Iowa, where she began studying dance at the age of four. She has trained for over twenty years in various styles including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and more recently in Latin styles including sensual bachata and salsa. Carolyn danced professionally with a regional ballet company in Western Illinois for nearly four years, during which time she performed both classical and contemporary works by choreographers including Dominic Walsh, Deanna Carter, and Brian Enos. She additionally choreographed works for the professional company and the associated school of dance, where she taught classes to students ages 3-18 and above. In 2022, she became a certified Sensual Bachata instructor through Latin dance masters and world champions Daniel Sanchez and Desirée Guidonet.


Carolyn is currently based out of the Chicago Metropolitan area where she teaches Sensual Bachata and Ballet classes, and continues to nurture her love of dance through continued study in Chicago, New York, and Miami.

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